Monday, 7 October 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Adventure

You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged for a few days, not because I’ve given up on the 30 day blog challenge, but because I’ve been off on an adventure, and that’s what the challenge is all about right, creating freedom and adventure!

Here’s a little overview of what I got up to on my Zombie Apocalypse Adventure this weekend.

Situation: The Charnock Mansion is under zombie attack, the army have been called in, but after losing all his men Sergeant Chips calls on the Counter Zombie Unit for back up.

18.30 Arrival at command centre for briefing, identification and lots of shouting from Sergeant Chips.
18.40 Issued zombie survival kits and inoculations (Chambord and Champagne, it is a hen party after all).

19.00 Proceed into the mansion house for zombie hunting, indian banquet and general merriment including the funniest episode of Mr & Mrs ever made.

00.00 Horrifying striptease complete with scream mask and nipple vagazzles.

01.00 Pass into the exclusion zone for recuperation before proceeding to dormitories.

13.00 Recruits assemble for dispatch to Warrington where there is news of a new zombie outbreak.

As support crew I stay to defend the mansion from further attack, warding off zombies with cupcakes.

But this is what the team faced at Zed Event ZombieApocalypse.

18.30 Arrival back at command centre for innoculations, pizza and zombification
21.00 Collection by zombimobile for undercover zombie assault in Manchester
03.00 Transported back to exclusion zone for recuperation before proceeding to dormitories

14.00 Debrief over bacon butties and pastries
17.00 Decontamination and declaration that Charnock Mansion is now a zombie free zone.
18.00 All Clear

Result: Best hen party ever.

Big thanks to the party planners extraordinaire Jo and Steph and everyone who played a role in the weekend.


  1. Amazing!! Glad you could share it with us. It was brilliant. Doncaster, you did an ace job - take it easy this week. Xx

    1. Didn't plan to write about it Jo, but couldn't get it out of my head, awesome weekend, thanks so much for hosting! Am pretty sure i dreamt about zombies chasing me last night and woke up all tangled in my duvet!

  2. Did zombification represent your acceptance of modern day normalisation or did you long to break free and become human again? Or did the spread of T virus represent the spread of your addiction of freedom and travel?

  3. It was actually pretty freeing to go through zombification and felt liberating to be surrounded by people who had put in a lot of effort to look nice, whilst we had gone to the effort of looking horrific!

    It actually constrained some of my addiction for wanderlust, where else in the world will i find such a crazy group of friends to have adventures with?