30 before 30 List

1. Hot air ballooning
2. Ride in a helicopter (hopefully over somewhere spectacular)
3. Wine tasting
4. Cocktail making
5. Alexander technique classes
6. Get fit and I mean really fit
7. Learn to cook Indian food
8. Become a brand manager/marketing manager
9. Earn £30k (at least)
10. Watch a TV show being filmed
11. See someone iconic in concert
12. TEFL course
13. Learn to ski/snowboard
14. Add another 2 countries to the visited list
15. Watch a major sporting event
16. Publish a magazine article
17. Learn another language/do something with my French

18. Learn to design a website/use design software
19. Belly dancing or cheerleading class
20. Tea at the Ritz
21. Iceskate on an outdoor rink at Christmas
22. Ride a Lambretta
23. Start a pension
24. Visit UK’s top ten beaches
25. Blackpool Illuminations
26. Last night of the proms (prob proms in the park)

27. Bridal dress shopping (for the laugh)
28. TV/film extra or gameshow contestant
29. Read top 10 classic books
30. Take part in a Guinness Book of Records event