Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why am I doing this again?

I love discovering new places and feel like my purpose in life is to see the world (hence my Bucket List of the World). When I go on holiday I always make an effort to visit places beyond my resort or local area, cramming in as much as I can in between soaking up some rays on the beach.  I didn’t get the chance to take a gap year to go travelling so even though I am in my thirties, I am child free and  mortgageless so the time to do it seems to be now!

I have even started to plan my route and build my budget through Eastern Europe to Dubai checking bus and train connections, accommodation options and cost of living. I have a vision off slow travel to make the most out of each stop not just hop from one place to the next counting a country as visited  because I passed through and spent an hour in the bus station!

Of course any traveller worth their salt writes a travel blog and I have so many ideas about what I want mine to lo look like and function like. The big question is can I make money travel blogging? Many do, but because many do the market is saturated, I need to find my travel USP. Can I support myself financially through other means… with 9 years marketing experience, an International Business Management degree and a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, could I offer marketing consultancy to small businesses? Do I have what it takes not to just run my own business but to run it from anywhere in the world?

So that’s why I’m taking up the 30 Day Blog Challenge to see if I’ve got what it takes for suitcase entrepreneurship and to meet like minded people, be part of an inspirational digital community and maybe even make new friends I can visit on my travels!

The 30 Day Blog Challenge is run by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Join in and discover how to create freedom and adventure in life and business through location independence. Plus – enter to win prizes – including a $500 blog coaching session with Natalie! 

If you’re following the challenge please drop by, say hello and leave a link to you blog J