Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What tools do i need to create my perfect lifestyle?

Back to the challenge today and we are talking about the tools and resources we need to create our perfect lifestyle, tools to maintain our mindset. Although Natalie recommends online tools like Penzu journalling, yoga and meditation apps, I prefer to work offline, there’s less distractions, (plus I have limited data!)

Blank Canvas
I work best with a blank sheet of paper, either a blank Word doc if I’m writing or a large sheet of paper and coloured pens for brainstorming I also make good use of post notes, real and digital, for jotting down thoughts and since upgrading to Office 13 I’ve been using the One Note notebook to collect ideas on common themes.

I feel more energised and revitalised by a Jacuzzi, or spa pool, I can’t currently manage to fit this into my daily lifestyle, but sometimes even just a power shower can be enough to reset my mind.

Lists lists lists
I have a list for everything to help keep me organised, and I love crossing things off when completed. This helps me to keep on track as I often allocate timings to my lists too.

There’s nothing ground breaking or innovative in my ‘toolkit’ and I start to question myself and my productivity when I take a peek in my procrastination kit; there’s Faceboook, candy crush, endless cups of tea and biscuits, afternoon siestas, email checking, browsing blogs for inspiration… Until I read Curt’s post and realised that my lists are essentially a time management system and my documents, notebooks and post it notes are my content management system.
But my toolkit is far from complete and I’ll be adding to it throughout this challenge (as i hopefully start to develop a business model i can take out on the road with me). Following Curt’s advice again,  I need to create a contact management system. Since I don’t have a business yet, I don’t have a mailing list (something I need to add to my list) but I do have twitter lists and Hootsuite news feeds which need organising better to form the basis of my social media contact system.
I also need to overcome one of the biggest problems I face every time I sit and write a blog post - finding the right picture. I don’t want to trawl sites for free to use images so I would like to add an image creation system to my toolkit, and will be checking out some free software as recommended by Martina

What tools do you recommend that I should add to my toolkit?

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