Saturday, 22 November 2014

What every website needs

You might see a big gap between my last post where I described my ideal client and the types of people I want to help, and today’s response to Day 13’s question:

"What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?"

That’s because I decided to stop writing about what I want and started to take action to get it! What does every website need? A domain name. I got mine from and I am delighted to announce the launch of and

I have 3 passions: marketing, travelling & languages and my goal is to develop 3 niche websites for all these passions that are then tied together under one umbrella domain - ideally a personal louise.mason domain. That way if you meet me, at a networking event, on my travels around the world or hear about me by world of mouth, you can easily find me by my name.
I also wanted a cool name for my marketing company that describes what I do, something like the marketing desk, or your marketing consultant, but all the good domain names were either taken or ridiculously expensive, like over $1,000! So I was thrilled when I found Your Marketing Specialist available on for under $10.