Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What did you want to be when you grew up ?

I’ve already written my response to Day 3’s question on what freedom and adventure means to me, but I also wanted to go back and explore some of the other themes in Natalie’s blog post on reclaiming your childhood dreams of what you really wanted your life to look like.

As a kid had an active imagination and used to write out stories on my electric typewriter, (yes typewriter, yes I am that old). I would have made an excellent teen blogger, but the technology came a little too late and at too high a price for me. I dreamed of seeing my name in print on a book cover or a magazine byline. Even now I get a bit of a thrill when I publish a blog post, knowing that my words are out there in digital print. Probably one of the reasons why I was drawn to a career in marketing, and producing copy for e-mails, catalogues, websites, brochures, promotions... So I think this is still something I can pursue and build a business on. Of course I will also write a novel one day, one day when I have the time and freedom to write with a clear head, from a terrace or patio overlooking the beach or the mountains, where it’s peaceful and calm and inspiration can find me.

As I got older I loved languages, becoming fluent in French and picking up Spanish very quickly but instead of studying just languages I combined French with a business degree. My parents wanted me to have a steady secure office job and society seemed to be telling me that 9-5 was the ideal lifestyle. After reading case study after case study of large multinational companies with offices around the world, opportunities to travel, big marketing budgets to spend and IT systems that work. This sounded like the dream.

And if I were to choose one company to work for it would be Disney. I love all things Disney, I wanted to be a fairy tale princess with a happy ever after story, I was thrilled to be chosen to play Cinderella in a school play and at the top of my BucketList of the World is Disneyland Florida. I would love to be part of making magic happen for children around the world.

Now how do I integrate this dream with developing a location independent business? Maybe I should just go and join the Disney cruiseship instead! 


  1. 1) Don't blog at 5am
    2) Disney's ships are huge.
    3) how can you be location independent when Disney ships are restricted on where they berth.
    4) Disney would be so lucky

    1. Erm, thanks, i think.
      Just to reassure you i dont blog at 5am just having issues with setting the right timezone on Blogger!