Monday, 17 January 2011

You CAN lose weight and still eat chocolate!

Lose weight and eat chocolate, what every girl wants right?! As a self confessed chocoholic I was approaching the obligatory new year diet to lose the xmas bulge with some reluctance. The thought of saying no to chocolate, no to cakes, no to crisps and no to sweets fills me with dread. But then I thought it doesn’t have to be like this…

Last year I cancelled my gym membership and bought a Wii Fit and a hoard of exercise dvds and I’ve decided now is the time to put them to good use. Last Monday I set myself the challenge of doing a workout every night of the week.

I weighed in on Monday with a BMI of 24.14
I won’t tell you what that is in pounds and ounces but I will tell you that my wii fit tells me that I need to lose a full stone (Eek!) to reach my ideal weight and the holy grail of BMI’s 22.00.

I’ve stuck to an hour workout after work 4 nights this week, took Friday of to let my aching muscles rest then back to it on Saturday and Sunday. Workouts alternated between cardio, strength training and toning (e.g. pilates/yoga) and focused on 4 areas (arms, abs, thighs and glutes) for a total body workout.

I haven’t made any radical changes to my diet, I haven’t reduced carbs or diary or changed to low fat cooking oil or sauces. (but I haven’t had any take-aways or anything deep fried either).

Every day I allowed myself a number of treats

4 choc chip cookies
a handful of peanuts/Bombay mix
a handful of crisp/tortillas
a small packet of mini cheddars
a single bounty bar
2 after eights
2 segments of chocolate orange
2/3 chocolates from a box selection

One week 7 workouts and a packet of cookies/box of chocolates later I’m ready for my Monday weigh in.
BMI  23.98
Weight -1lb
That’s right I’ve lost one whole pound and still enjoyed all my favourite treats!

With 13 more pounds to lose I will be continuing the exercise challenge this week 6 workouts in 7 days starts here. Subscribe to my blog or come back next week to see how I’ve done. Can I lose another pound and still eat chocolate?

How you can lose weight and still eat chocolate

1. Don’t sit down - make exercise the first thing you do when you get in

2. Do it your way – if you feel energetic do a dance workout, if you feel stressed chose a yoga workout (or a kickboxing one if you’ve had a really bad day!)

3. Be patient – it may take a few days before your hard work starts to show

4. Keep track– if you don’t have a wii fit then make your own graph to show your progress and stay on track

5. Don’t overeat – doing exercise doesn’t mean you can pig out, put a small portion of crisps/nuts/biscuits into a tub, you’ll be less likely to eat the whole packet

6. Give in to the craving – have a few pieces of chocolate to satisfy the initial craving then put it away, you’ll find you don’t want it nearly as much when you can have it

Do you have a weight loss tip? Share it with us here!