Saturday, 28 September 2013


On day 5 we are asked “What does your perfect day look like?” 

And it’s taken me quite a few days to write this post in response.  I have really struggled with the concept of having a perfect day.  Right now all I can focus on is the fact that my ideal lifestyle would just be to not be sat in an office at a computer for 10 hours a day.
So I decided to read some of the resources and other blog posts from “today’s” challenge. (One of the benefits of being behind schedule is checking out what everyone else has posted for inspiration!) 

And I agree with Whitney from that part of having a perfect day is not having
any two days the same, not having repetitive routines. And depending on how I’m feeling or who I’m with could totally affect what would make a day perfect. Like dancing the night away with a group of friends or taking a walk through a picturesque village with my parents or playing in the garden with my niece, or gossiping with girlfriends over endless cups of tea and biscuits or curling up on my own with a good book.

A perfect day is...a sunny day.

A perfect day is ...a day at the beach walking along the shore, breathing in the salty sea air, squelchy soft sand between my toes, listening to the crash and roll.  

A perfect day is... a day on my own terms, doing what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. But life is all about compromise, I would never want to get up before dawn but if I never did then I could miss a spectacular sunrise.

But then I’d miss out on all those snowy days snuggled up in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows or getting wrapped up and drinking gluhwein at the Christmas market.

So maybe I don’t even want a perfect day, what if I just want lots of great days, happy days, amazing days, some good days, some relaxing days, and let’s face it there will always be bad days where things go wrong, wouldn’t life be boring if everyday was always perfect?

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