Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting my blog on

I’ve just discovered the 30 day blog challenge, which is being run by Natalie Sisson, the 
Suitcase Entrepreneur – as the title suggests Natalie quite literally runs her business ‘out of her suitcase’ whilst she travels the world. Unfortunately I discovered the programme on day 22, Natalie invited me join right along even at this stage, but on exploring the themes for day 1 & 2 I really think I need to work my way through from the beginning, it’s all really relevant as I am actually thinking about giving it all in and travelling the world, I’m worrying about everything from leaving my family behind, to funding the trip - how can I earn more money before I go, how can I earn money whilst travelling, how long do I want to go for? Will I want to come back, will I want to / can I become location independent? After being my own boss will I ever want to work in a stuffy office for someone else ever again????

All questions that it seems the challenge will help me answer, so I’m going to approach it in my own time, I struggle to find time to blog everyday so I’m hoping this will help me find time and create a habit, and even if I don’t complete the challenge in 30 days I might still be working on it when Natalie runs it again in the future!

On a bonus note I practically covered day 1 of the challenge last week when I talked about why I started the blog and what inspired me to start writing again. I guess I can add Natalie to this week’s inspiration list.

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  1. Pack your bags and live the dream, according to the "YOLO"

  2. You do indeed only live once and if money was no object i would pack my bags and be outta here today!