Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My 4P's for 2011

an alternative to New Year resolutions

A newsletter from Chris Brogan today has made me reassess my new year resolutions for 2011. Instead of a long list of breakable resolutions Chris chooses just 3 words to guide his actions for the forthcoming year.   

As someone who likes to write long lists, finding 3 words is going to be a challenge. Last year I set myself the task of 10 for 2010. Ten new things to do in 2010, some were planned goals like going to see a band I like play live, and others were making the most of opportunities that came my way like having my photo taken with the Bradford Bulls 2010 Rugby team! 

1. Saw Reel Big Fish perform live at Leeds Academy 
2. Photographed with the Bradford Bulls rugby team 
3. A weekend sightseeing in
4. Watched Greyhound Racing at
Manchester Belle Vue Stadium
5. Attended my first speed networking event with OMJ Leeds link up 
6. A week discovering the beautiful
island of Malta 
7. My first experience of a music festival at Bingley Music Live 
8. Watched my 1st Ice Hockey match – Sheffield Steelers v
Dundee at Sheffield Arena 
9. Attended the annual public CIM lecture at Leeds Met with Malcolm Mcdonald as guest lecturer (read blog post here) 
10. Invited to my 1st VIP Indian restaurant launch at AM Kitchen and Bar in
Leeds. (read blog post here)

As usual I have a long list of things I want to accomplish next year and since I already have my 30 before 30 List and Bucket List of the World the 3 words approach will be a more manageable list. I couldn’t quite manages to get it down to 3, but the following 4 P’s pretty much sum up my ambitions for 2011 (minus the obligatory stop biting my nails which I inevitably break every year!) and will hopefully help me succeed in all my other lists.

Pleasure – do more things that I enjoy and that make me happy 
People – spend more time with friends and family and make new friends 
Publish – publish content on my blog/linked in/twitter instead of just thinking about it or drafting it then doing nothing with it! 
Practice – put all the tools and tips I read about into practice 

Has anyone else tried the 3 words method and does it work for you or do you have a different approach that brings you more success?