Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chapatti Failure

#7 Learn to cook Indian food

So I thought I’d start off with something easy…something basic…something like a chapatti…unfortunately the end result was nothing like a chapatti.
The instructions were quite straight forward – add sufficient water to the chapatti flour to form a dough. But there was no water to flour ratio. The flour is quite thick, almost wholemealy and didn’t seem to want to mix with the water either with a spoon or by hand, and I must’ve added to much as I ended up with a rather sticky ball of dough that I couldn’t get a rolling pin near. Tried to flatten it with my palms and do a bit of pizza-base-stylee stretching. Still feling optimistic at this stage I popped it on the hot griddle pan, a couple of minutes each side. Total disaster! When it came to time to flip it over it just stuck to the pan. Still I scraped it off and tried to cook the other side. But it was too thick to cook through, and I still had raw dough in the middle so as an emergency measure I tried a few minutes in a hot oven – the result resembled a rock hard brick more than it did a chapatti.

Back to the chapatti drawing board for me!