Friday, 8 October 2010

Once upon a time...

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
-Hans Christian Andersen-

One upon a time, in land far far away (well, Yorkshire) lived a girl called Louise. Louise is a normal girl, living in a normal little flat in a normal little town. Without a Prince Charming or knight in shining armour in sight to rescue her from a wicked witch or a fire breathing dragon Louise set about writing herself a magical list to incite excitement into her life. (Because lets face it wouldn’t life be much more exciting if houses were made of gingerbread, the sea was full of mermaids, liars noses grew like Pinnochio’s and we all had a pair of ruby slippers to transport us home!)

Louise sent her list into the realms of cyberspace to be posted to her blog. On its way to Louise’s List encountered a rogue Trojan horse loose in the blogsphere. The friendly looking Trojan was offering tempting but cursed cookies to passers by. Louise’s List succumbed to the allure of the cookie, with one bite and a crash of lightning the evil spell of the Internet Kingdom was cast. To break the spell Louise must complete all 30 tasks on her list before midnight on the day of her 30th year of birth or be turned into a toad!

Louise’s List

1. Hot air ballooning
2. Ride in a helicopter (hopefully over somewhere spectacular)
3. Wine tasting
4. Cocktail making
5. Alexander technique classes
6. Get fit and I mean really fit
7. Learn to cook Indian food
8. Become a brand manager/marketing manager
9. Earn £30k (at least)
10. Watch a TV show being filmed
11. See someone iconic in concert
12. TEFL course
13. Learn to ski/snowboard
14. Add another 2 countries to the visited list
15. Watch a major sporting event
16. Publish a magazine article
17. Learn another language/do something with my French

18. Learn to design a website/use design software
19. Belly dancing or cheerleading class
20. Tea at the Ritz
21. Iceskate on an outdoor rink at Christmas
22. Ride a Lambretta
23. Start a pension
24. Visit UK’s top ten beaches
25. Blackpool Illuminations
26. Last night of the proms (prob proms in the park)

27. Bridal dress shopping (for the laugh)
28. TV/film extra or gameshow contestant
29. Read top 10 classic books
30. Take part in a Guinness Book of Records event

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